Uber —
Samba Design System

Beyond the brand guidelines, Uber needed a complex design system which could adapt to different page archetypes, such as marketing, blog, and product. Samba is the result of our work, translating the functionality of the brand into its design for Uber public-facing websites.


My role

I conceptualized, prototyped and shared the idea of the Samba Project by the end of 2018, and at the beginning of the following year its execution was being started by a team of designers, engineers, copywriters, producers, and global product managers, in-house and also contractors in 3 different timezones;

My role was to be the leader of the project, from scoping, designing, prototyping, testing, until sending release emails to all global stakeholders and collect qualitative and quantitative data to learn and improve the system. My goal was to quicken the work for the designers, engineers, and content authors across the globe by making all of the components, blocks, templates, etc. accessible, well documented, and easy to work with. Also, aligning the samba system with the design platform team as well as with the branding is what made possible for us to create a parallel growth and development between all of the elements at the same time. By doing that, Samba became a reliable, coherent and efficient platform that designers, engineers, and content authors can rely on while doing their work.